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Department of Nutrition

Nutritional assessment & prescription of the diet is done in accordance with the height/weight, the present disease condition, eating habits & the activity of the patient. Diet prescriptions are given only to the patients who require special eating and feeding instructions. These patients are prescribed the diet to be followed in the hospital & along with the discharge diet to be followed at home. Patients are followed up regularly as per requirement & the changes in the chart are made accordingly .

Patients are reviewed & called up for follow-ups as per requirement. Patients are allowed to bring the home/outside /hotel/canteen food as the hospital doen't have its own kitchen .

A diet which is balanced in terms of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, electrolytes and vitamins is essential for general well being is prescribed to patients by our experienced dieticians to enhance their immunity based on their clinical conditions. These diets are further modified in accordance with the progress and the requirement of the patients.

Doctors available in Nutrition
Photo Name Department Available On
Mrs. Nidhi Jain (M.H.Sc (Food Nutrition)) Nutrition 10 am to 7 pm Phase-I